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Our "Right Start" Program

A Mentoring Program For Teens & Early 20's

We invest heavily in supporting the development of individuals in Utah who need it most and we also believe that it is of the upmost importance for Utah's young adults to start their professional lives on the right foot. For this reason, we established a mentoring program, Right Start, for young adults ages 16 through 24. We provide workplace skills and tools they can take with them on whatever career path they choose.


Best Foot Forward

We encourage any and all young adults to pursue their desired careers and hobbies and we understand that trial and error is a big part of "figuring out life". In order to promote efficient, positive growth we offer assistance in a variety of areas including: academic tutoring, college prep and research, resume building, sales coaching, public speaking, leadership and industry analysis for potential careers. We want the upcoming generation to be well informed about the decisions they are faced with and to feel confident they have support in following their dreams.

A Positive Influence Goes A Long Way

Sometimes success in life stems from just knowing you have a friend supporting you. Environment, circumstances, and mindset can have a profound impact on a young adults's life, for better or worse. Our aim within our Right Start program is to provide an uplifting and empowering mentorship so our young adults feel excited and motivated to take on the world.


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